Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oh, Mighty Wheel, Spin Me 'Round and Around

I'm finding markers, pens and pencils so accessible right now and I've been trying to find out what they have to say to me.

I LOVE the way graphite reacts visually to maker! And the darkness of a pen line over graphite is so delicious! Mmm!

These are some of my latest experiments in the medium. I'm finding all sorts of things suddenly interesting to me that never quite caught my fancy before. Like deer. What's up with that?!!


Beingandy said...

Your deers are very deer like. and the experimenting is reminding me of some sujan steven album covers.
Oh and the Reeses candy bar very delectible I tried it because of your blog. Thanks for your encouraging comments I can be way too hard on myself especially if their is a potential laugh involved.

Jamin LeFave said...

Nice work on the boy writing "I love you". It has a nice graphic style. I really like your use of line. I would explore this style more if I were you.

Aaron said...

dude you need to write a book about your thought process and name it.. are you ready? ok here goes....."jess smilys freakin aswome book of thought processeseses"... or somthing like that. so wadda think?