Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wolf Parade

What a coincidence! Here I've been drawing all these wolves (arctic wolves are my faves right now) and what does James introduce me to? Wolf Parade. Great music. Makes me dance in the shower. And how 'bout them Wolf Mother? Let's see here...what are some other great Wolf bands?


-Peter and the Wolf (Red + Jana Hunter)

-That's all that comes to mind. Darn.

Here are some wolves I've drawn recently:


Grassman said...

Very cool style,

haven't seen your book before.

i like the bears.

is it cool if i link you to my blog?

Aaron said...

nice wolves,man. i will check out the band!

Tim Coleman said...

Great stuff man I really like the looseness. Looks like tons of fun.

sam said...

don't forget guitar wolf! and wolf colonel!

paper-muncher said...

Guitar Wolf?
Wolf Colonel?
Sam would know.