Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Tiger Album

My good friend Sam Davis is an amazing guy. He's royalty in my book. Sam is really great at making music---I think he plays every instrument he's ever touched! And his lyrics are phenomenal!
Sam let me paint a picture for his "Tiger Album" that he made with Whitney. If you have forgotten what it was about music that made you like listening to it, or if you need a solid helping audio mischief, I highly recommend you call Sam on your email and strike up a deal to get your hands on the "Tiger Album".
It's not diamonds they've been looking for in Africa, it's the "Tiger Album"!
Here is some of the preliminary work:


cassie said...

this is perfect. i'm popping the tiger album into my tape player right now.

sam said...

thank you for the kind words jess. a tiger is just a cat with stripes without his friends. i can't thank you enough for this.

Anonymous said...

I like your drawings. Keep up the good work.