Thursday, April 17, 2008


My very own Spacekimo! Rob James drew me my very own Spacekimo in exchange for a CD I made for We Want Our Friends Back! His drawing is page one of my new sketchbook. which is sort of like having Miles Davis start off your trumpet solo for you. Great. I suck at the trumpet.


Who is the man that rocks the long hair? Rob James!

Who is the man that's comfortable when he swears? Rob James!

Who is the man that draws in his underwear? Rob James!

Three cheers for the James that is Rob in all his Rob-knobbin' and James-gettin' goodness!

I will feed and water my Spacekimo every day. I will tend to its every need, being sure to give it plenty of oxygen, space, and (most important above all) love. Thanks, Rob.

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Megalaros said...

*laughing aloud!*

I'm soo sorry! I didn't think too hard about where I was going to draw it. (I'm Miles Davis?) I'm glad you like it though. I love love your "We Want our Friend Back" cd. It's great to relax to!