Monday, June 9, 2008

Snakes on a Paper Plane!

Have you had your fill of snake drawings? Me neither. Here are some writhing, slithering, slinking snakes. Watch out! ----most of these are venomous.


paper-muncher said...

They all have a darker look because Photobucket has a default function that brightens paper whites a ton and washes out the image.

The scans are a pretty close match to the originals, so I don't know what happens in Photobucket. Grrr.

Megalaros said...

If red touches black. . .you're dead jack. If red touches yellow. . .you're a dead fellow. Wait, what?!

I like the snake with the beard in particular. But if I had to ally with one. . .it'd definitely be a cobra.

Mark said...

asps and cobras
pythons and boas
don't let any near
little tiny baby Noah!

Dillon Thompson said...

Dude thanks for the comment. I haven't been here in a while. I love the post right before this one. I like this one too.

Old Bones . . . said...

I like the people more, keep posting, but always a pleasure to behold!