Monday, September 29, 2008

Portraits of Me!

You're in a pinch. You have to draw a self-portrait for class, but you suck at drawing and its due tomorrow. No problem! Just have Rob or Gheybin draw you!

Gheybin drew this while we all waited in the hotel lobby.
Rob is a copy-cat and has to do everything Gheybin does. So he drew me in the lobby, too. I think I tried drawing Gheybin, but its probably suck.

If you aren't pretentious enough to be satisfied by your friend's portraits alone, get your family to draw pics of you:


Dennis said...

The first drawing looks like and FBI police sketch. (If you have seen this Man Please contact your nearest Barber shop and get this guy a hair cut!)

Dillon Thompson said...

There needs to be a animated series with every character being a different self portrait of you.

You also need to tell me when you play your guitar in public again. I want to see.

Aaron said...

hey man I checked for you yesterday at michales, but I guess that you are not there any more. good to hear from you!