Friday, September 26, 2008

Sketchbook Throw-Down

A while ago, I noticed that I really savor the drawing process. I noticed I wasn't in a hurry to finish 'em, even if I knew how I wanted the whole thing to look.

I was in New York with Rob and Gheybin and Kelly and James and Gerald and everyone, drawing on the subway. I was filling in a shape I drew and noticed I had been filling it in for a while----I was taking my time and enjoying it. Huh. I was really in no hurry at all to fill it in!

These drawings all came with no hurrying attached. They belong to a world of no hurry.

By the way---you all know about Craig Thompson's ventures, right?


Megalaros said...

Seems like I'm always trying to "break the sound barrier" when I'm drawing. I ought to visit the world of no-hurry. Awesome drrarwings!

Gheybin said...

New York drawing changed my drawing life! And you were an especially good influence, Jess. Oh man, we need to hang out and draw again.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing. I cant' believe the one of the face.-kristen form kohls.