Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You Will Be Charged For the Food Left On Your Plate

No joke. I went out to the car and got the camera so I could take a picture of this:
"How do you determine whether or not to charge someone a dollar? I mean, how much food has to be left on the plate?" I asked. "Well, I just look at it. Sometimes people leave a lot of food, so they owe us $1. But most people are okay," the cashier said. 

I wondered if there were three of us and we each left a little on our plates, would the combined amounts get us fined? What there were tons of us and we just piled our extras onto one giant mound on a plate---would that get us only $1 in fines? 

Isn't there something about a person paying money for food that includes that person's decision to eat or not eat that food?*

Went mini-golfing and got my picture taken in a photo booth.

*Note: I did eat all of the food on my plate, and not because of that sign. I wasn't planning on wasting any, but I was really taken by the fact that management posted the sign on the payment counter. Poor people.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Was this a buffet? So you think instead of encouraging people to conserve food by only getting what they can eat, the sign actually took away people's agency in a way? This is something to ponder.'s kind of like Utah's liquor laws, I guess ;)

P.S. That's cute that you took your own photo in the photo booth :)

Glory von Hathor said...


you know, I'd like it if people in my country got fined for all the food they bought and threw away.

I'd especially like it if my ex-flatmate had been fined for every cucumber she let rot in the plastic till it dripped putrid filth on to the shelf below...

ashmae said...

this comment has nothing to do with this particular post, but i just wanted to say that i love your cards you have at the beehive bazaar, and i bought them a plenty to send across the u.s.