Saturday, December 20, 2008

the Rocky Mountain Hallelujah Drawing Sensation!

Seems like most of you have already heard about it, but I've started up a drawing club called "the Rocky Mountain Hallelujah Drawing Sensation!" 

The club is a bunch of Utah artists that want to contribute to the history and culture of Utah by putting on art-based events and projects every month, and by recording Utah's history in our own artsy ways. Just think: Utah's history is no longer kept by just historians and employees of the state, but by it's own artists! That means there will be different ways of documenting things, and different thigns to document! 

1 comment:

Patric said...

I feel that this is a great idea, I feel like everyone should jump on board! I jump at this chance, JUMP AT IT! I am anxious to see what develops! I am excited to even be associated with this group!