Thursday, January 1, 2009


Just trying some new things...

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Ivan said...

Hey Jess. So I was looking for some information on local car washes...that's a story all its own we can discuss later...and when I clicked on Google images it brought this picture of a guy looking really bored in his the car wash...right. I thought, "hmm, I wonder what that guy is up to" and I clicked on the image. Do you know where that one little click took me?! As you can see it brought me here to your very own blog! I thought, WOW! it's Jess Smiley. I haven't seen that kid for years. Well, I still haven't seen you but I'm a step closer.

I loved looking through all your drawings and random notes. It was good to kind of almost see you again. Oh yeah, this is Ivan Carroll, by the way. If you want to respond to my most enlightening comment here you can e-mail me at Or maybe you can just click on some special link that will allow you to do that. I've never used blogspot so I wouldn't know. Bye!