Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Schlock Mercenary Puzzle

Howard Tayler is Utah's creator of Schlock Mercenary, where it is "the 31st Century! Humans entered the galactic age over 900 years ago, and now do business with all manner of alien folk." 

The online comic has a loyal following, including my dad, who decided to collaborate with Howard and make puzzles with some of Howard's artwork. I never knew just how much time and effort went into cutting a jigsaw until Dad started making 'em and believe you me: these are high-quality puzzles! One puzzle is being auctioned off on Ebay right now and another will be sold at LTUE's auction this Saturday night.

Howard had a few things to say about the puzzles, which you can find here.

Bottom line: if you are a fan of the comic and/or are in need of a rad, high-quality puzzle, this is your chance!

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