Monday, March 30, 2009

Comic Book In the Works

For whatever it's worth, I've just started laying out the structure to a new comic I'm making. I've developed tons of ideas in the past, but none of them have seen a publisher because I never finish. This time I've decided to adopt Doug TenNapel's working method and I feel really great about it. 

I took out three note cards and labeled them "Beginning", "Middle" and "End". I wrote 1-3 sentences summarizing what happens in each part of the story, then turned each card over and made a numbered list from 1-3. Under items 1-3 I listed the beginning, middle and end of each section of the story, giving me a really solid framework to build my story on and it's a relief to have such a simple, straight-forward format (it sure beats all my plot notes in my sketchbook, in-between drawings and notes for other things!).  

Next I'm going to pull out more note cards and plug in more details in each section. Anyway, I thought I'd share my success story so far with using Doug's approach.

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