Monday, March 23, 2009

Square Magazine/Post #200

The Wedding Issue of Square Magazine just came out, along with an article on being a single twenty-something guy in Utah. I was asked to make a picture that went along with the article, and out of all the juicy imagery it conjured, I liked picturing a single guy as a walking horror movie best. 

Here is our single guy, with green skin, one too many eyes (and one oozing yuck!), scales, claws, and webbed-hands. All those poor girls are running away, racing toward the Stress Less article. 

*Secret: the girl wearing a scarf is my wife. But don't tell anyone!


travis pitcher said...

it is so accurate! I can't believe it.

jess smart smiley said...

LOL---that coming from Utah's most eligible bachelor!

Ethan said...

Saw the article, liked the cartoon! I'd like to be a part of the magazine.