Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Human Drawing Dispenser

The first Friday of every month is Provo's Gallery Stroll, where hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of people wander from gallery to gallery, checking out the new shows and meeting the artists. Most people just go to meet up with their friends and hang out, but everyone usually finds something they like art-wise, too. 

As a way to have fun with the local Gallery Strollers and get out the good word about Ology (a local company that gets college students through math in a short 8 weeks), I made a Human Drawing Dispenser

What is a Human Drawing Dispenser, you ask? It's a cardboard box that acts like a vending machine for drawings. It's free. You walk up, ask for a drawing, then one is made---right before your eyes. Me and my good buddy, Andrew Christensen, sat in the box and drew pictures for four hours. 

It turns out that the Human Drawing Dispenser was a success! If you have photos or videos from the event, send 'em my way!


travis pitcher said...

i loved this. i thought that it would be you, but i looked inside and it wasn't. must have been your friend, but i thought, "this is something jess would do" and i felt good. my friend got a batman.

avery hologram. said...

ha! that is awwwsummm!

atothec said...

So my name is also Andrew Christensen. I thought this was awesome. Not too many Andrew Christensen's's's' in the world.


(shortened name is andy christ in case ya didn't notice.)

jess smart smiley said...

How 'bout that! You know, Andrew, I found another "Jess Smiley" on the web, but she's a girl. I'm glad you found at least found another GUY with your name :P