Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Self-Portrait (Blanket Magazine)

Blanket Magazine was kind enough to invite me to contribute to their Portrait Issue (out today!) and asked me to make a self-portrait just for them. (I guess I cheated, though, 'cause I kinda made it for me, too). 

How rad is this cover? They include the image as a free wallpaper in the magazine and they also include another wallpaper and font that come as a package. Very cool. 

It's been a while since I consciously made a self-portrait and it was a fun project. I haven't done much with digital imagery, so I designed my portrait in Illustrator. It was fun enough that I just might make some more pictures like this...

In other news: 

>Thursday, June 4: Free concert at Gurus in Provo from 8-10pm
>Friday, June 5: Exhibit of my newest series of drawings "New Mistakes" at the Utah Arts Alliance Gallery in SLC, 6-9pm (music by James Barlow and more pictures by Gheybin Comish and Patric Bates)
>Saturday, June 6: 1-hour concert at Wheeler Farm as part of "Farm Days", with Andy Bean, Mitch Parker, and Jordan Hix


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