Friday, September 4, 2009


I know this is super last-minute and you prolly won't read this until never, but:

Here's an article from the Daily Universe on tonight's live drawing event...

Music-inspired art will fill the historic downtown Provo district tonight at The Live Gallery at The Pennyroyal Café.

The Pennyroyal is putting a new spin on Provo’s Gallery Stroll — they want Provo more involved.

Tonight at 8 p.m., The Pennyroyal Cafe will have a reopening celebration. It is no longer just a cafe, but rather a venue with live music, poetry readings, open mic nights, book clubs and more.

Owner of The Pennyroyal Nathan Robbins said, “The goal of the event is to build the community, the arts and to unify music and visual arts together. It can connect people and gives people pride about the community.”

“We are trying to get Provo involved in the creative process. The Gallery Stroll is the easiest way to step out of the bubble and see the real gems of Provo,” said Vanessa Oler, events manager for Electric Dance Parties. “This month is especially unique because Ike Bushman and Jess Smart Smiley have agreed to come into The Pennyroyal with blank canvases and create art as the music of DJ Red Spectral moves them.”

The goal for EDP is to get the community to understand the process of being creative with art as well as with music and to introduce them to new types of music.

“Nathan is reopening with a different vision and purpose behind The Pennyroyal,” Oler said. “The Gallery Stroll provides a perfect opportunity for people to stop in and see what it’s all about and to be able to showcase local talent.”

Also---if you haven't gotten a coloring book yet, I'll be bringing some tonight along with some noise and some funk.


The Peanut. said...

I want a coloring book! :) V.

Mark said...

Sorry I missed this. How about a post-activity summary? How'd it go? Lots of people? Lots of art?