Monday, January 18, 2010

On Finishing...

Have you ever started a project and wanted to get it absolutely perfect, so you spend hours and days and months of your life making it perfect, only to realize later that this thing you've been perfecting is now so big and unwieldy that you'll never get it done? (Not to mention that fact that you're sick of it now and ready to move on to other things in your life...) Well, that's been me with my comics and stories and graphic novels.

The graphic novel I'm working on isn't even close to the first I've started, but I'm declaring it right here, right now, that it's going to be the first I'll finish! And if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.

It's embarrassing to think of everything I've started and haven't finished in my life---but that's part of why we wake up to a new day, right? To be refreshed? To try again? To make things better than they were before? My goal is to make stories and pictures until the day I die. That's what I have to offer and I'm re-dedicating and re-focusing my life to make it happen.

Anyway, the graphic novel I'm working on has been coming along real fast, and that's great, but it's only come after working on others (and not finishing them) for about 12 years!

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