Saturday, March 10, 2007

Point A to Point B

March 10, 2007
A friend of mine introduced to me to the ever-entertaining continuous contour line drawing, where you set your pen down and draw an image using a continuous line, lifting your pen only when finished with the drawing. I used my own ugly feet and hands as reference, and made some continuous contour drawings. I'm working on a project now where I'm incorporating bold lines with more wispy, delicate continuous line work.

But wait! That's not all! Here are some drawings I did for a recent experiment in Cubism. The drawings turned out loads better than the final painting (which is uber-sad, because the drawings are mediocre at best), but I'm hoping to retouch the painting later on sometime.

Socks: Not wearing any!
Pulled: Armpit muscle


Aaron said...

dude if thoes are contuines drawings of your hands they freakin rock. i was trying to do that in the hall of flags and it was horrible, it looked like somone scribled somthing that roughly resembled a human shape, you did much better, congrats.

cassie said...

them's are good hands and feets, man.

Dillon said...

These are great. I love how resposive you are to diffrent media. Amazing!!

Jamin LeFave said...

Great designs, very interesting shapes. Number 4 is my favorite.

Megalaros said...
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Megalaros said...

Point A to Point B?! That's the right idea. Back on during our invasion Mars I was taught this ancient technique. I haven't practiced it for a long time so I've kinda forgetten about it. Same with pull-ups too. If I was hanging off a helicopter rail I'd be a dead man.

Anyway, These are great. I admire that.