Friday, March 9, 2007

80 Pages Later...

March 9, 2007
Today I filled up the last blank area in my 80-page sketchbook. I was in the middle of a project, so I got a new one as fast as I could. I flipped through the pages of my old book and realized I had only started it a month ago. Holy cow! I filled up 80 pages in a month?! Is that legal?
These are some pages from my now completed sketchbook. I found an amazing book filled with photos of Native Americans from the early 1900s. I was looking at the book for some help with a photo projet, but couldn't resist trying my hand at their weathered faces.
Hands! If you've ever been unfortunate enough to file through my drawings, you've prolly seen lots of hands. I can't get enough of them! Drawing them, photographing them, swapping dap with them....There will be more drawings of hands in the future--you can count on it!
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Aaron said...

nice hands, when i see you next in school you can borrow my bridgeman hands book it is aswome. helps a ton, man 80 pages in one month you are on your way.

Dillon said...

Hey, I like these alot. Casino indians and hands. Whooot!

Megalaros said...

I thought I was fast at 25-30 a month. Wery nice looking ha-nands. Also the Indians are handsome. Some of them look a little like me actually. Creeeeepie.