Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shake Your Peace

My buddy Gabe Dominguez fronts a music group called Shake Your Peace. These guys are touring Utah on bicycles this month, carrying all their food, clothes and instruments on their bikes the whole way. These photos are from a show they played at the One World Cafe in Salt Lake City.

See that teeny wooden box with speakers in the background? That's their amplifier, made from used car audio parts. This amp is even more unique becaue it doesn't plug into a traditional power outlet. No, sir! This amp is pedal-powered! Yeah, my buddy James is riding the bike (with his killer tiny vest) and, in turn, powering the sound. If he were to stop pedaling, the amp would die down and there would be no sound.

Check out for more info on the band, the 2007 Bicycle Tour of Utah, the human-powered amp and more photos and videos of the group.


Aaron said...

a person powering an amp....WOW!! that is probaly the collest thing that i have heard of. funny stuff. what type of music do they play?

Dillon Thompson said...

Hey every where i go there is Aaron, posting before me like boxing a clown.

Any way, I am playing mandalin this summer at concert in the park. Booty Clap!!

paper-muncher said...

I think they call themselves a rock band, but I would call it something more like folk-rock.

cassie said...

that's INCREDIBLE! man i hope i'm in utah when they're playing.