Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How Do You Feel?

While eating pizza I made up a game. It’s easy. It’s called "How Do You Feel?" I pulled out my digital camera and asked my brother, Bubba, some questions that started with "How do you feel". Bubba answered my question by showing me how he felt and I took a picture of it. We took turns and this is how we felt about the following:

How do you feel on rainy days?

How do you feel about blood?

How do you feel about art?

How do you feel when someone is mean to you?

How do you feel about huge muscles on women?

How do you feel about languages that other people speak, but you don’t understand?

The experience was very therapeutic and we learned a lot about each other. The pizza was great, as 5 Buck Pizza always is.

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask us? Send an e-mail my way to jess.smiley@gmail.com with your questions, beginning with the phrase "How do you feel".


Aaron said...

huge muscles on wemon!! ha ha ha hadude your are the spunkmister of us all!

Travis Adamson said...

You should make a collection of these and release them as stock photography. Facial features and expressions would be a sweet resource for almost any artist. Keep it up, the pictures are great!

Nasty Butler said...

Still waiting for the Hillary Duff one...

Aaron said...

hey i have this new blog with some other people where we will give a new topic every friday and do our own rendition of the subject. so here is the address of the blog where we will put our stuff.


i know that you are really busy and probaly dont have time for it but i thought that i wuld include you all the same! just in case. so anyway this weeks subject is A SPIDERS EDEUCATION!......yip. so let me know if you want to post anything and i will add you to the admin list. see ya suka!