Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Bucket List So Funny My Tooth Cracked Up

Last night I went to the movie theatre and saw "The Bucket List".

Morgan Freeman plays a typical Morgan Freeman character, and Jack Nicholson is this crude, dirty old man of sorts. There's one part where Morgan Freeman realizes how shallow Jack's character is and he says "I've taken a bath deeper than you".

It was a good movie. The blatant blue screens and plot holes are beside the point, because the story does a great job of being a good story. Dang. Jack Nicholson is good. I've got to see more of his movies. He played a great Joker in Batman, but that's about all I've seen.
One more thing: Jack's character mentions he could have had lunch with Michelle Pfeiffer, who was in Batman Returns, and Morgan Freeman was in Batman Begins as the techie. I think "The Bucket List" was really an hour and-a-half long commercial for Batman.

I cracked my tooth on a popcorn kernel. I'm talking hard-core cracked! I got a lightning bolt straight up the middle of my back tooth. Too bad the dentist is gone for awhile.

Well, I also filled up the last page of my newest sketchbook. It's big! It's a hard-bound 11x14 beast that dares you to fill it up.

I did a lot of new things with this sketchbook that I haven't done before. The size lets me draw really big, or put lots of smaller pictures on a page. I also put my scrapbooking self to work and cut out pink pieces of paper with decorative scissors, and pasted in other people's images for reference and insperspiration.

Here's a look at a few pages:


sam said...

you should see one flew over the cuckoo's nest.

cassie said...

yeah, i second that. one flew over the cuckoo's nest was amazing. james likes about schmidt. i haven't seen that one though.