Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This One Goes Out to Bubba

Oh, no!
Can it be?

A whole post dedicated to my brother?

It's true.

Bubba is my main man. My jukebox fury. The when beneath my weans.


cassie said...

someday i will meet bubba smiley, and i'll say, "hey man, thanks for giving me a million chuckles." then maybe we will grab some pep 'n toe. p 'n t.

paper-muncher said...

Oy! He might be a ba-millionaire by that time and he could buy you both your own personal pizzas!

Jamin LeFave said...

I fell in love with this style when I saw your sketchbook. These drawings are amazing! They've haunted me. I've been waiting to see more of them and I'm still waiting for you to do a picture book with a bunch of this characters.

Anonymous said...

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